Indoor Surfaces

Response HR™


The Official Playing Surface of the NCAA Volleyball Championships and USA Volleyball National Teams, Response HG has been used by a plethora of athletes and offer superior performance. Little maintenance is required and your court can be ready in three days.


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Basketball Flooring- Perfect Gym Flooring or Home Basketball Court Flooring
Sport Court Maple Select Flooring

Maple Select™


Top-of-the-line Maple Select looks and feels like the real thing, but saves you plenty of installation and maintenance. No splinters either!

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Defense™ is a proven performer for any kind of sport and is durable as they come. With a low cost, it can be used for elementary and middle school gyms and activity centers. A quick install means you can get on the court in no time.

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Sport Court Defense - Perfect Gym Flooring for Any Facility
Sport Court - Defense

Outdoor Surfaces



The safest court on the planet, PowerGame™ technolofy means you aren’t patching skin abrasions and its UV stabilizers mean less damage from the sun. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™ lower impacts on the human body and increase safety.

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Home Backyard Basketball Court from Sport Court
Sport Court PowerGame
Perfect Athletic Surface for any Sport - Sport Game Flooring Tiles
Sport Court - Sport Game

Sport Game™


SportGame™ is the premiere athletic technology for playing multiple sports. The Patent-Pending design results in excellent traction and extended play. The Lateral-Forgiveness™ reduces joint stress and fatigue and ensures great ball bounce and response.

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Sport Deck™


This is the best option for racquetball players of all backgrounds. SportDeck™ retrofits over other surfaces, including acrylic. SportDeck™ has been the highest standard for outdoor surfaces for about 20 years and provides excellent movement and play pace with the joint stress and fatigue thanks to patented Lateral Forgiveness™.

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Backyard Basketball Court or Home Tennis Court Surface - Perfect Outdoor Athletic Surface
Sport Deck
Outdoor Court Surface for Backyard Basketball Cour!
Sport Base

Sport Base™


SportBase™ is a top of the line concrete substitution for your Game Court or outdoor court surface. Made from 100% recycled material, SportBase™ was specifically designed for use under a Game Court system. It's a solid, effective foundation.

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Synthetic Turf

Work on your golf game and better your handicap with a Sport Court Indiana putting green. We can easily install a custom, professional grade putting green wherever you’d like with that natural grass feel.

Each of our putting greens are custom built just to your liking; with the slope and speed you want. We use only the most gorgeous, durable materials around to maintain the putting green color and performance no matter what season so you can enjoy years of practice.

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Home Backyard Putting Green by Sport Court
Synthetic Turf for the Perfect Backyard Putting Green


Hoops & Lights™


Sport Court offers the highest quality in-ground basketball hoop systems so you can expect the highest quality and safety. Our Slam Systems feature excellent corrosion protection and an advanced height adjustment system so everyone can get in on the action. Tempered glass backboards deliver pro-level ball rebound, and the included backboard and pole pads provide mean the court is safe.

Sport Court Light Systems allow your family to stay on the court longer. Our single and double headed lighting solutions mean the family doesn’t have to stop playing because the sun has gone down.

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Court Lights

Sport Court™ Light Systems extend your playing time with your family. Our single and double headed lighting solutions let your family play a set of tennis or game of H-O-R-S-E well after the sun goes down.

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Practice by yourself on your home basketball court with our Rebounder from Sport Court


Sport Court™ Rebounders can be easily converted into your ball containment system, so anyone can practice solo for soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball with the springy ball-return netting.

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Sport Court Utah offers Sport Court® Multi-Nets systems. They are made to fit your individual needs. Quickly apply your nets for all sports and adjust them quickly to easily switch games.


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Professional Quality Tennis Court Nets, Volleyball Nets, and more
Nets for All Sports